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Firewall and Heater Box White Rope Caulk Sealant

Firewall and Heater Box White Rope Caulk Sealant

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New rope caulk sealant for your Classic. This is the white rope tape that seals your heater box or air conditioning evaporator case to the firewall. It comes in a 35 foot roll with six 1/8 inch strands for a total of 180 feet. Also used on the blower motor to heater box, non ac interior kick panels, to hold the paper water shields to the inner doors and quarters, roof rail weatherstrip corner chrome strip, and more. This is a must have for a correct restoration. Super handy, no tool box should be without it. Order you a roll today!!

Fits all GM, Ford & Chrysler with & without air condition models.

Part Number: HTR-43B